I’m no doctor, but step 1: stop eating books

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J.J. Abrams to Remake Star Wars, Indiana Jones

After seeing what he did with Star Trek, that’s a headline I’d like to see!

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Hans Scharler’s Divide & Conquer

If you’re in Indianapolis this weekend, check out the Gen Con gaming convention. And if you do go, make sure you check out a new board game called “Divide & Conquer”. I had a chance to play this game before it’s official public debut this weekend and I really enjoyed it! I have a feeling this game is going to catch on in a big way. You can play with 2 to 4 people. Sometimes each person is looking out for their own interests, other times players need to work together to stop a different player’s advances. So two players can be at each others throats on one part of the board, but best buddies somewhere else.
I liked it because it was very easy to learn and the games only lasted about 20 minutes. I can’t wait for the online version, this will be a multiplayer sensation!

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My Fish Allergy

I don’t mean for this to turn into a blog about my health problems, but I think I finally figured out an allergic reaction that has been stumping me for years. About seven years ago I mysteriously started getting outbreaks of small blisters on the fingers of my right hand. They would start out as little fluid filled bumps that would eventually break open, leaving my skin very rough and itchy. Since this happened about once a week, my skin would never actually heal in those spots. I was dating a medical-ish student at the time and she decided it was a fungus. It wasn’t. The next logical assumption was an allergic reaction to some chemical I was getting on my hand. I systematically went through the list of everything I touched with my right hand. At first I thought it was some kind of soap. I washed my car once a week, maybe that? Nope. Ok, maybe it was the hand-soap at work? Nope. I decided it must be the dish-soap, so I started wearing rubber gloves to wash dishes. I saw no change and decided it must be a latex allergy. Of course, the gloves I was wearing to wash dishes were made of Latex, so I bought a non-latex type. Still no change. I was getting blisters on my hand every week. I did go to the doctor about it. I got what I expected, a 15 second conversation and a prescription for a steroid creme. The creme didn’t help.
About the same time all this was happening I discovered I was allergic to eel. The grocery store near my work started selling fresh sushi, which became my new favorite lunch item. I quickly drew a link between the eel rolls I loved so much and these little red dots that would appear on my skin near my eyes. The dots were kind of like a pimple but not quite. Although small, they were still very noticeable. Unfortunately, it took forever for them to go away: sometimes more than a month, just from eating one eel roll.
Alas, I stopped eating eel and all was right with the world again. Then just this year the same thing started happening with salmon and talapia. I’ve never had a problem with these types of fish before. My suspicion is that I’m not actually allergic to the fish but rather something the fish farmers are feeding them, maybe all those antibiotics or the pink dye they give the farm raised salmon (to give it that natural appetizing color).
With wedding season in full swing, I decided to give up fish for the summer. I didn’t want red dots on my face for a series of social engagements. After giving up fish for two months, my hand has been blister free for the first time in years. How about that? I was allergic to fish this whole time. Odd allergy. I always thought a food allergy was systemic. It’s crazy to think only a very specific patch of skin would have an adverse reaction.
I’m sure there are some other people out there with the same condition. I did read one post on a dermatologist’s website by a person who described the red dots around his eyes exactly as I have had them. He even listed all pills and medication he took. One of those pills was a 1000mg fish oil capsule. The dermatologist, replied with: must be eczema, you need a steroid creme. Ha!

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Explosive Tinnitus: at least I’m not alone!

For the past month, just as I’m falling asleep I hear a really loud bang. The first couple times it happened, I got up and looked out the window, convinced that someone was shooting a shotgun outside my house. I started to suspect that I was just hearing things because it didn’t ever seem to wake up anyone else. It happens to me a few times a week now. As a matter of fact, it happened to me just a few minutes ago. I was just dozing off when, BANG, I hear what sounds like a balloon popping right beside my head (or more precisely, inside my head). Well there was no going back to sleep for me after that. I decided to do a little research and wouldn’t you know it, there is actually a name for this condition. It’s called “Explosive Tinnitus”. No one knows what causes it although it appears to be harmless. The case studies I read describe exactly what I am experiencing. Loud banging, like a gun shooting, just as the patient was falling or had already fallen asleep. It’s happened to me a few times while I was already asleep. It really scaried the crap out of me!

Leave me a comment if you experience this too. There aren’t many documented cases in the scientific literature but some suspect that explosize tinnitus is drastically underrecognized.

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Should we start calling it a lower lip strap?

Can someone please explain to me why I keep seeing members of the military, police and marching bands with chin straps cinched way too short? What good is a chip strap if it’s under your nose? And if it is so incredibly uncomfortable to have a strap under your chin, why in the world would you want it too short? Although I’ve never had to wear such a piece of head gear myself, I think that adjusting the strap too long, so it is just dangling and loose, would be more comfortable. Is it a fashion statement? Any ideas?

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Merry Christmas!

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Is tasering a cop ‘assualt with a deadly weapon’?

I’m not all that keen on trigger happy cops tasering anyone who looks at them funny. For a “non-lethal” weapon, a lot of people seem to die after they’ve been zapped. But I have a question that I’m sure will get answered soon enough: If someone were to taser a cop… would that person be charged with assualt with a deadly weapon? It’s a catch-22. If no deadly weapons charge is filed then cops might be getting zapped a little more often. If it is a deadly weapon charge is filed then it establishes a double standard. Like I said, I’m sure this will happen sooner or later on its own.

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Stop with the AI references already!

Can everyone (especially the mainstream media) stop referencing “artificial intelligence” like it actually exists? It appears that artificial intelligence, despite having been developed yet, is in everything from Halo 3 to Maytag dishwashers. Or should I just jump on the band wagon and re-brand my fishcam with “artificial intelligence”.

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Web 4.1 (Web 4.0 SP1) – A minor update to the future of connectivity!

Web 2.0 has barely caught on and people are already fighting over who gets credit for coining the term “web 3.0″. Well, I want everyone to know that I am staking my claim for “Web 4.1″ or alternatively “Web 4.0 SP1″ . Originally I wanted to claim one of the major revisions of the web but “Web 73.0″ was the first one available. So instead I’m going to take credit for a minor revision.

We all know that Web 3.0 is going to be awesome and will probably hang around for a while. But I doubt that Web 4.0 will be ready for prime-time when it ships. After six months of floundering connectivity, the first service pack will be released to fix some flaws and security issues. But don’t get too excited about it. With all the talk of Web 5.0 on the horizon and all the problems with incompatible code of Web 4.0, most people will just probably skip Web 4.0 entirely and go straight to Web 5.0.

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