Mobile blogging?

Bear with me while I figure out how to do this mobile blogging thing. BTW, this is the street I live on. I snapped this picture with my phone on the way back from class. I’m somewhat impressed with the quality of my camera phone.

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Picobay attempt #78

I finally decided to make myself a decent website. I’ve had this domain name since 1995 and this is the closest I’ve come to something reputable. I don’t expect to treat this as a traditional blog (my life isn’t interesting enough to post that much stuff), but I like the ease with which I can update this baby. That’s probably the reason I never updated my previous attempts…. firing up an outdated version of FrontPage, trying to make it do something it wasn’t designed for and then FTPing the whole mess to the server.

At the moment my templates are still “under construction” so bear with all the dead links.

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