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Sorry if my fishcam is down.

So much for a working fishcam! I apologize if my fishcam still isn’t 100% operational yet. In my new house, I don’t have a proper ethernet port near my Fishcam server and I’m having to rely on WiFi to get the server online. Needless to say, WiFi isn’t as reliable as I had hoped. Now that it’s payday I think I’m going to get a really long ethernet cable and connect to my router.

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On the move!

You may have noticed that my interactive fish cam isn’t very interactive lately. This is because I’m in the process of moving and all the fishcam gear is packed in a box somewhere. In the meantime, you’ll have to make due with the little beta aquarium that is in my office. Don’t expect anything to happen when you click the “gator” and “camera” links until I have is switched back to the old aquarium. I’m guessing it will be a few weeks before Jason’s Fishcam is 100% operational again.

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The diver is gone but the gator remains.

Some of you may have noticed the treasure chest and diver are gone as well as the other aquarium views. I decided to remove the diver because of a few reasons. First, part of it was rusting, which I can’t imagine is too good for fish in a little aquarium. The second reason was because the diver was obstructing the view of half the tank. Basically, it was getting annoying. Not only that but I was constantly repositioning it because it would gradually work itself loose. But the good news is that the gator is still going strong!

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Fishcam #1 down :(

You’ve probably noticed that fishcam #1 isn’t working. I needed the webcam equipment for another project. Though I do have a new aquarium in my new office. If I get some down-time, maybe I’ll set a webcam on that one instead. It only has a Betta in it at the moment.

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The people at have good taste

My fish cam has made the list of “25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2006“. Maybe they should call it the “25 Most Interesting Webcam that Aren’t Offensive” or “The 25 Webcams on the Internet that Actually Work”. All kidding aside, I’m glad to get some kind of recognition for putting this interactive system together. I just hope it never gets too popular. I don’t have any kind of flood control on it and no single person has exclusive control over the movements (except for me of course).

I might have to get me servos soon. They are starting to wear out from all the action. It’s not they are getting loose… they are just starting to make a lot of noise… and it’s starting to bug me.

In other news, my crab escaped a few days ago. I walked into the kitchen and there he was peeking outside, through the crack under the kitchen door. He must have had quite an adventure because he was covered in hair and dust-bunnies. I threw him back in the tank and all was well again.

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Mission Accomplished: Jason’s Fishcam is #1!

I checked my ranking in Google today and was happy to see that this website has reached the top of the results! It’s been a long road and honestly I didn’t think I’d ever get the number one spot. I remember how happy I was when I finally cracked into the top ten which was full of mostly non-functioning fishcams. It’s a mystery to me how a dead link can be ranked so high for so long. One by one, I knocked off the challengers thanks to my diligence in keeping my webcams up and running. As a side note, the server meltdown that took away the beloved interactivity has been replaced and all is working 100% again. Lastly, I’d like to thank my lab mates, Memming and Alex. I’m not sure I would have reached #1 without them.

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Fish Cam Server Meltdown

In an effort to help my fish cam server run cooler, I installed a case fan. I must have been operating at the maximum output of the power supply because the addition of that little fan smoked my system. So if fishcam was down yesterday, that was the reason. Instead of trying to fix that machine I moved all the software to a different computer. The transplant went better than I thoughT, althouth I still need to do a little work before I get the servos operational again.

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Divin’ for Treasure

There’s been another addition to fishcam #2 in the form of a diver with a treasure chest. By clicking the links under the video stream, you’ll be able to open and close the treasure chest. Since robo-gator turned out to be a big hit, I thought it was time to add another device. I’m about out of room in that tank for animatronics. I might be able to squeeze one more thing in there, but it’ll have to be small. Let me know if you have any ideas.

The gator has been operational for over a month now and I’m happy to report that no fish have died because of it. Although it wasn’t my intent, controlling the gator became a “fishing game” of sorts with people trying to catch my fish by closing the chompers on unsuspecting swimmers-by. It is possible to catch them as I’ve seen it happen a few times now.

As a side note, fishtank #1 will be down for a while. I’m trying to think of something creative to do with it. In the meantime, have fun with the new diver!

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Jason’s Fishcam has gone Interactive!

Today is a big day in the history of my aquarium webcam, as I’m happy to announce that viewers can finally interact with my fish! Check out fish cam #2… under the little preview image there are links that, when clicked, allow you to move the camera position and control the gator. (Don’t everyone click it at once now, haha, I’m not sure if my server can handle the load.) The alligator is in the right-hand view, so you may need to click “Right” before you play with the gator. I don’t think my fish like the new “robo-gator” because they all seem to be congregating on the opposite side of the tank.
I’ll be improving the interface as soon as learn more about javascript. A hyperlink is about all I’m capable of at the moment. Anyway, have fun playing with my fishcam!

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Beer Belly Betta

I added a little algae eating fish to the aquarium containing the Betta. Since that tank just got cleaned last week, there really isn’t any algae for the little guy to munch on, so I threw in one of those compressed algae wafers. The Betta to it upon himself to eat the entire thing himself! Now he very prominent bulge on his belly. At first I freaked, thinking it was some kind of disease, but then I noticed the wafer was gone and did the math. What a pig!

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