This is my live streaming interactive fishcam. It is a ten gallon freshwater aquarium. Besides broadcasting live images of my fish, this aquarium allows viewer interaction! By clicking the links below the video, you can move the camera and actuate the gator mouth.

I try to┬ákeep my tank clean and I even feed the fish sometimes. I’ve looked
at quite a few other “fishcams” on the web and I haven’t been all that
impressed. Most are just dead links or static pictures. I’m trying my best
to keep this one up and running.

Hours: 7 AM until 11 PM EST(GMT-5)

At around 11:00 PM EST, the normal aquarium light will shut off and the blue night light comes on. Obviously you won’t see as much but if you watch closely you’ll still be able to see some fish swimming around.

I welcome any feedback, so please leave a comment! If you want to ask me a question, use my email address and I’ll try my best to respond.

~ Jason Winters

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