I’m retiring the gator

Sorry if my website isn’t very interactive lately. I went away for the holidays and needed to put my fish in the different aquarium. The other aquarium had an automatic feeder attached, so my fish didn’t go hungry while I was away. Upon my return, I didn’t put my fish back fish immediately. The fish you are used to watching were in an aquarium in my living room and I began to enjoy actually seeing all of my fish in one place. You see, my “fishcam” aquarium has been in my office for a few years now. It is tucked away in a corner with a cardboard shroud over it.  The shroud helps keep unwanted reflections away from the camera.  Unfortunately, it also blocked my view of the the tank while I was at my desk.  Since it was in a bad spot and I needed the extra space in my office, I decided to retire this version of the fishcam.  Don’t worry, I’m still going to keep A fishcam going.  However, the interactive gator is going into storage.  It would not be easy to incorporate the gator into my new aquarium setup.  Although I will be thinking of something to replace the gator and I hope to do so eventually.  Until then, enjoy the video feed!

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