The people at have good taste

My fish cam has made the list of “25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2006“. Maybe they should call it the “25 Most Interesting Webcam that Aren’t Offensive” or “The 25 Webcams on the Internet that Actually Work”. All kidding aside, I’m glad to get some kind of recognition for putting this interactive system together. I just hope it never gets too popular. I don’t have any kind of flood control on it and no single person has exclusive control over the movements (except for me of course).

I might have to get me servos soon. They are starting to wear out from all the action. It’s not they are getting loose… they are just starting to make a lot of noise… and it’s starting to bug me.

In other news, my crab escaped a few days ago. I walked into the kitchen and there he was peeking outside, through the crack under the kitchen door. He must have had quite an adventure because he was covered in hair and dust-bunnies. I threw him back in the tank and all was well again.

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