Fishcam #3… SALTWATER!!!

I’ve added another aquarium to my line-up of super exciting remote fish watching portals. Fishcam #3 is located in my neural engineering lab at the University of Florida. My fellow grad student and office-mate, Alex, is the official keeper of the aquarium. So if you see dead things floating in there, I’ve got nothing to do with it.
You won’t be seeing much action in this tank since in was just setup yesterday. I’m not that familiar with saltwater aquariums and I’m not sure how long the setup process takes. Maybe you’ll see fish in a few weeks.
Unlike my other two fishcams, these one isn’t streaming video. The fishcam server in my lab is behind a firewall and a proxy server of which I have no control. Until I can bride our network management guy to open up a port for my server, it’ll be just one new image a minute.

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