No I don’t "Gotta Have" this crap.

Do you know what I’m tired of?? Tech articles that have titles like “Must Have Gadgets” and “Gotta Have Gear” and then list a bunch of crap that I can’t afford and can actually live without. Am I to understand that if I don’t own (or want to own) any of these things that my life will be somehow sub-standard? It seems like every news outlet, in print or on the web, has these same stupid articles. Why don’t they title them something a little less sensational, like “Stuff That We Got for Free So Now We Have to Write About It” or “More Crap That Cost Several Hundred Dollars and has a USB Port”.

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2 Responses to No I don’t "Gotta Have" this crap.

  1. Wolf1865 says:

    I agree… no iphone for me.

  2. MEECH! says: