The Beach, Beer and NASA

I celebrated the 4th of July in Cocoa Beach this year. It worked out well since the Space Shuttle blasted off while I was baking in Florida Sun. The picture to the left was my view of it from the beach (about 20 miles away from the launch pad). It’s too bad I’ll miss the twin sonic booms on Discovery’s return.

Isn’t Florida great? (see picture of sign) I used to live in Pennsylvania… the most ass-backwards of the 50 states. In Pennsylvania, you can’t buy beer at a grocery store or even a liquor store. It must be purchased at special “beer distributors” that are only open a few hours a day. You can still buy a beer in a bar or restaurant though. It’s nice to know that Pennsylvania’s politicians have curbed drinking at home and made it necessary to drive for a drink. (Did you know that PA is one of three states whose population has decreased in the last census?)
Anyway, I’m glad that Florida has it’s priorities straight. Keeping those kegs off the beach, haha!

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