Crazy weather channel math.

Notice anything odd about The Weather Channel’s forecast for tomorrow? “A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible… chance of precipitation… 0% ! WTF weather channel? Talk about covering your ass! I wonder if any of the forecasters at The Weather Channel have taken a class in statistics. As I learned it, a 0% chance means that that something is not possible!

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2 Responses to Crazy weather channel math.

  1. Oliver says:

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  2. Gadha says:

    hate to tell you but things with probability zero do happen!!!!!

    Take a number uniformly distributed between 1 and 2. [real number].

    What is the probability of picking exactly 1.5? Well it's ZERO!

    There is a non-zero probability of picking a small range from [1.5-eps, 1.5+eps]. As eps->0, so does the probability!

    Same argument applies for ANY integer between -infinity,+infinity]. (Infinitely more reals than ints).